Professional Services

As a subsidiary of Chenega Corporation, an ANC established in the Prince William Sound Region of Alaska in 1974, CGS is backed by a strong financial capability and commitment to support our customers. CGS is committed to providing the highest quality environmental and engineering services, medical and healthcare services, as well as logistics support. It is our policy to meet and exceed the quality expectations of our clients on every project.

CGS provides its customers with the best of both small and large business worlds: our size gives us the flexibility to respond quickly to customer requirements, while our extensive corporate reach-back gives us access to a full professional staff for support operations. Using this blended model, CGS meets its customers program requirements with the rapid response time of a small business, while offering the financial stability of a large business.

Our focus is always on efficiency of design, quality of work, and value-added and on-schedule performance. CGS has a clear commitment to excellence and client satisfaction at all levels and at all times. We provide exceptional values added services at no cost to our clients including our our Internal Quality Assurance Audit Program.